Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase just the drive system?

Unfortunately because our drive is built into the board, it cannot be sold separately for installation onto your existing board.

How long does the SUPJet last?

The board itself and motor can last for decades, if well maintained.  The SUPJet battery is designed to maintain its charge for 2-5 years of daily use, depending on conditions.

Should I purchase an additional battery?

It's really up to you!  If you feel that during a typical SUP session you'll want to run the drive motor continuously for 2 or more hours, you may benefit from a second battery.  Most SUP enthusiasts will get by just fine on a single charge!

Is the battery casing really watertight?

Yes.  Once the battery is locked into place it can survive being upside underwater for over 24 hours without leakage. The battery is designed to be water-resistant in case of accidental exposure -- frequent exposure due to improper locking can result in decreased performance over time.

We offer an optional rubber seal for those times when children, friends, or customers will be changing out the battery, and may not be as mindful.  Storing the battery separately from the board is usually sufficient to prevent any corrosion -- if you live in particularly harsh conditions a simple layer of anticorrosion gel or spray on the motor and battery contacts should cover any edge cases.

Does the SUPJet come with fins?

The latest version of SUPJet comes with 2 side fins for improved control - previous editions came with an interchangeable fin, which has been swapped out based on your feedback.

How is my order shipped?

We ship all boards via freight, and per US shipping regulation send the battery units as a separate shipment.  Typically orders will arrive within 1-2 weeks from purchase.

Is there a warranty?

Our boards come with a 12 month warranty. Click here for warranty details.

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