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Everyone Can SUP with SUPJet

As sup evangelists, we are proud to present the world's first hardbody paddle board with built-in electric drive motor.  Designed to be lean, green, and easy to handle, the SUPJet is suitable for users of all body types and skill levels -- even pairs of riders!

The motor has a continuous runtime of about 1.5 hours and a speed of 3-5 mph depending on conditions (a typical cruising speed for most paddleboarders).  What does this mean?

Take your sup out to the Lake and go fishing! Quietly motor up to your ideal spot and paddle into the ideal position before tossing anchor. Beginners can keep up with the group, using the motor to give you a chance to practice your form and relax your muscles. Push the limits of your endurance!  If you find yourself exhausted, you can fall back on the electric motor to help you finish your route.

Our built-in drive motor is waterproof once locked in place, and easy to extract and charge between trips.  Since the drive motor is inside the board there's virtually no drag on the board and the propeller is safely encased away from the user -- unlike attachable models.

We'll be honest, we could go on about the SUPJet for hours!  Take a look through out site and let us know what you think -- we love talking about paddleboarding!

The SUPJet - How SUP Was Meant To Be.

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